Re: Shower odor only when shower is in use.
Posted by Ahrmand on October 06, 19100 at 21:41:46:
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David: It is possible that the odor is in the hot water itself. Sometimes the anode that is placed inside your water heater can generate Hydrogen Sulphide gas (Smells somewhat like rotten eggs).
Try running the hot water in another location and see if the same odor shows up. If so the fix is an easy one.
Lots of luck..Ahrmand

Hello. Recently whenever I use my shower a sewer smell
: rises from the drain. It does not smell at all when I
: turn the water off or am not using the shower. I have
: used Roto rooter brand biological solution to no avail.
: Is this dangerous and does anyone have any possible solutions? Thank You!

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