hands-free, water-control device by Aqua-Lean
Posted by Terry Love on October 06, 19100 at 20:44:26:

from the Aqua-Lean web site:
"Water is a precious but limited resource that we need to survive. Conservation is critical! Aqua-Lean is an innovative and convenient product that will help save our precious resource. It will enable each of us to conserve water for today and generations to come.

Aqua-Lean is a hands-free water control system that easily retrofits to existing faucets and starts conserving water immediately. Using Aqua-Lean saves consumers up to 85-percent of the water normally used to perform tasks such as brushing teeth, washing hands, washing and rinsing dishes, and shaving. By using only the water you need and not letting the tap run constantly, you conserv water -- literally hundreds of gallons a day!"

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