Faucet - alternating low/high pressure.
Posted by Karl on October 06, 19100 at 03:20:40:
I have a Delta ball socket faucet with a built in flexible spray hose that is also the main faucet outlet (ie - it is not a seperate spray unit). More and more frequently, when I turn on the fuacet, as the pressure builds up I will here a little pop and see that the pressure drops noticably. I have pulled off the handle and ball to confirm water comes out at full pressure. Put them back on and remove the faucet spray from the flexible hose, and still see the pressure drop - implying it is between the flexible hose and the ball chamber. I have replaced the ball and the two springs (hot/cold) to no avail. I also see the problem after pulling the hose itself off. Faucet is only six years old.

I don't understand how it is possible for the pressure to drop so suddenly. Sometimes after taking everything apart and putting it back together it will be okay for a little while. Drop is in both hot and cold lines - leading me not to suspect any other valves in the house. No other fuacets have this problem.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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