Smelly urinals
Posted by Jay on October 05, 19100 at 20:03:36:
Back to our 25 yr. old office bldg. w/ older urinals & probably just as old plumbing.

For some reason the stench is unreal in the men's w.r.
We have good ventilation. The urinals & surrounding areas have been thoroughly wash & even Javex bleach has been used on the wall tiles & urinals. But still....the smell doesn't go away. Cud there be a problem with the actual drains??? I have thot of putting Drano into the urinals, hoping to flush out some of the "grunge" that may be in there.

Do have any suggestions or solutions?? Someone did say that when toilets & urinals aren't used for a period of time, the go "sour". What ever that means?

Your help wud be appreciated.


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