Kohler toilet-k3394WTT
Posted by Stephen on October 05, 19100 at 13:27:05:
Dear Terry
Your website is great.I was hoping you could give me some advice.We have a Kohler toilet with power assist Model 3394WTT.We have had two callouts because the canister in the back was leaking.Our plumber went to get parts and was told that Kohler no longer made parts for this toilet.Does anyone carry old Kohler parts?
I called Kohler and they sent me a letter good for $100 off the price of another kohler toilet.As you might guess I am very uncomfortable getting another Kohler product after the experience we have had with this toilet as well as problems we have had on the Gold finish on most of our Kohler faucets.It seems crazy to have to replace a whole toilet beacause of one part.Any ideas?Thanks for your time and the good info on your website.

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