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Posted by CASMAN on October 05, 19100 at 13:14:50:
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Thanks terry...Casman

: Casman,
: Your situation is such, that most plumbers are afraid to look foolish giving an answer.
: Your home is 110 years old, the 1800's with added plumbing since then. In that amount of time, pipes can rust out.
: The camera does seem like a good idea. It would be good to "see" the problem, rather than guess at it. If things are working right, there would be no buildup of water in the pipes. The cleanout fitting should thread back on with either Teflon tape if it's plastic, or if it's all metal fittings, you can use pipe compound or Teflon.
: Your problem could be small, or large, the camera would know.
: Best regards,
: Terry

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