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Posted by Terry Love on October 05, 19100 at 11:52:18:
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: Since MY question wasn't answered yet I tried to fix it myself. I pulled the cleanout off the stack and found standing water. I took a garden hose and pumped in about 40 gallons, it never overflowed, nor did it completely drain, and a small amount of water leaked out around the stack and on the other side of the wall in an adjoining room with a raised floor (9) inches higher up, water leaked out of a small hole in the brick wall about 2 courses up. I took my leaf blower, wrapped a towel around the end and turned it on...(This worked before for an emergency backup in the floor drain.) This was a very bad.. bad idea...the water shot out of the first floor toilet and sink and I had shit all over the place,,,and it still didn't completely drain. Should I have a plumber resnake this line which was done 3 weeks ago, or will they know to run the camera instead,,,and is the water level in this cast iron stack supposed to drain completely. I never had this leak before the plumbers snaked this location,, whereas in the past,,,no plumber ever snaked from this spot. Can damage be done when snaking, I think this cast iron stack was modified and set into an area where years ago the gutter drained in. Help...

Your situation is such, that most plumbers are afraid to look foolish giving an answer.
Your home is 110 years old, the 1800's with added plumbing since then. In that amount of time, pipes can rust out.
The camera does seem like a good idea. It would be good to "see" the problem, rather than guess at it. If things are working right, there would be no buildup of water in the pipes. The cleanout fitting should thread back on with either Teflon tape if it's plastic, or if it's all metal fittings, you can use pipe compound or Teflon.
Your problem could be small, or large, the camera would know.
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