Re: Difference between Toto�s GMax and Power-Gravity?
Posted by Terry Love on October 04, 19100 at 12:48:14:
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: I am trying to decide on new toilets for a remodel. What is the difference between Toto�s GMax and Power-Gravity flushing systems? Toto describes GMax as �commercial grade� but otherwise doesn�t compare the two. Is GMax mostly a ruggedized version of Power-Gravity? Is there any difference in flushing efficiency or noise?

The difference is in the water head height. The water drops from a higher level, and because of that, there is a bit more noise. Still considered pretty quiet by most users. When you have been using up to five gallons of water dumping through a toilet, seeing only 1.6 seems mild in comparison. Some people when they first see it, say,

"Is that it? Doesn't it do more? It seems too quick!"

It's quick, but hey, it works!

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