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Posted by hj on October 03, 19100 at 23:48:48:
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2 1/2" in an inch and a half riser is not much. The ball in the outgoing pipe could be leaking that much if it did not seal completely.

: My wife and I are building a new house and the plumbers are doing a test of the PVC sewer pipe. The house is framed and all the rough plumbing work is done.

: To do the test, they plugged the outgoing sewer line and bathtub drains with inflatable balloons, installed a 1.5 inch standpipe on a third floor lavatory drain, then filled the pipes with water. The water level in the standpipe is dropping about 2 1/2 inches per day.

: Should we be concerned about this rate of water drop? We want to be certain we have a tight system because many of the sewer pipes run under the concrete slab.

: My rough estimate is that they are testing about 100 feet of 3 inch PVC and 150 feet of 2 inch PVC in the system. Are there any guidelines as to what rate of water loss is acceptable in a system this size?

: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks

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