options for new construction gas water heater venting?
Posted by Missy on October 03, 19100 at 15:31:13:
I am in the process of building a small residence and need to determine the best option for venting the to-be-installed gas applicances (HWH and Dryer). The building is two story but due to the floor plan configuration, there is no direct vertical path from where the gas appliances will be to the roof to allow for venting. Also, directly above the heater area is an open second story deck, so side-wall venting may not be an option either.

I have considered the following:
1) run the venting about 10' horizontally, then upward (through a 2x6 second story wall) and out the roof.
2) direct or power-vent through the sidewall - is this allowed with the open deck space adjacent?
3) run the venting horizontally away from the deck then out a side wall (power vented here too).
4) other options?

The gas appliances are located within a 1400 sq. ft. open garage space on the first floor.

Which, if any of the above, are viable options? Is there flue/vent pipe available to run 10' horizontal then 15' vertical through a 2x6 wall?

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