Re: Driping Noise in washer drain
Posted by hj on October 03, 19100 at 09:39:00:
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If it is actually in the drain pipe, then it is not likely to related to the washing machine since all its water is pumped out by the motor, and any leakage into the machine will just accumulate in the washer. Do you have an air conditioner condensate line connected to the drain riser? That is the prime source of drip, drips in sink, laudry drain and lavatory drains.

: : For hours after the washing machine is finished, a slow drip, drip, drip sound goes on for hours in the drainpipe. Been here 16 years, and it just started. Any ideas on how to stop this? Love your sight!

: Marty,
: Unhook the hoses on back, and see if the dripping stops. If so, it could be bad shutoff valves on the washer. Terry

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