Re: How to tie in to sewer ejection pump
Posted by More on October 02, 19100 at 23:14:32:
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: We want to put in a bathroom in our basement. The previous homeowner had broken out the concrete floor and put in the plumbing for a bathroom, including the lift pump, but we don't like the location. We want to put the bathroom in a different location, which is just on the other side of the wall where the pump is placed. We were wondering if it would work to raise the floor rather than go into the concrete floor again, and if we did so, how would we tie into the pump/pit from above the floor or is it even possible? Or would we need to come into the pit from below? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Sure you could raise the floor of the room you intend to put the bathroom in, but once you come through the wall with the drain to the pit, the pipe will be above floor level in that room, won't it? You could abandon the pit, and make another in the room you want the pump in, and the lift pump can pump up and out to the sewer from there.

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