Re: Laundry Tub Install
Posted by Terry Love on October 02, 19100 at 19:39:35:
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: I had a laundry tub put in but now the washer waste water backs up into the shower in the adjoining room. Also, the toilet loses all of its' water. What was done wrong?? (The tub was placed between the washer and dryer and tapped directly into the waste line.) Thank you for your help.

Just tell the handyman to come back and complete the rest of the plumbing job. For every pipe that goes down, you need one going up. All those pipes that poke through your roof, those are plumbing "vents".

Next time you drink through a straw, put your thumb over the top. It won't drain that way.
Now lift off the thumb, and watch it drain.

The plumbing job is incomplete.

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