Would one more in the debate, be less boring?
Posted by Terry Love on October 02, 19100 at 19:27:23:

How many of you have seen Ralph Nader on television discussing his bid for President? Or his quest to get into the debates with Gore and Bush?

He does bring subjects up for discussion that the other two don't. I would love to see a few more people in the debate than the two frontrunners that we have now. Now that Gore and Bush have adopted some of the main objectives of the Nader campaign as their main focus, it would be good to have the instigator of those ideas there to debate the rest of the story.

Imagine someone not paid for by major companies speaking. I'm sure it would be a better debate than what we have expected. On Monday evening, he will be on Larry King. You may not like all he says, but he's not boring.

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