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Posted by hj on September 30, 19100 at 15:22:48:
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Unless you have a basement, it cannot be done without a pump. And if you do have a basement, installing it without a pump requires that the pipes have a certain amount of slope both to and from the sink without any vertical offsets. This will usually reduce the usable head room in the basement unless they can be installed against an overhead beam. It will save water since you do not have to run the faucet as long. The energy costs will go up since the system will have to continually heat the water that is going to the faucet in order to keep it hot.

: Can anyone tell me how to plumb hot water line from water heater to fawcet to obtain instant hot water at the fawcet? I saw an article a few years ago and failed to read it all. Apparently it can be done with some kind of return or loop and without a recirculation pump and without a special water heater. This system should save hot water fuel and water costs. Thanks, Frank

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