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Posted by hj on September 29, 19100 at 01:13:04:
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If they are Price-Pfister shower valves, you can also change them to washerless.

: : I seem to have poor luck with the life of faucet washers in my shower. The normal life seems to be only 3 months. I have replaced the seats but to no good effect. What can I do to resolve this annoyance. ?
: : Is it possible that water pressure is too high ?
: : Any leads on a solution will be much appreciated.

: If you replace the seats along with the washers they should last longer than 3 months. depending on usage maybe 6 months to a year. If you replace the brass seats with Monel seats, The seats will outlast a lot of washer changes (and the washers seem to last longer). I never had much luck changinging just the washer and keeping the old brass seat.
: Monel seats used to be available at my local ace hardware for many popular faucets. But this was about 15 years ago!!! Thats when i got sick of changing washers and changed everything to washerless. Last year i moved into another house, and Ive changed everything but the showers with ceramic washerless. The showers were changed to a regular washerless.

: I'f your going to stay in this house for a while, it's worth it to swap the faucet for a washerless.

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