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Posted by hj on September 29, 19100 at 01:10:43:
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It is known as a "toe or shoe outlet waste". If I remember correctly, the last one I purchased came from a company in Kansas. They also make one where the outlet goes out of the side of the overflow fitting rather than down.

: I'm remodeling a bathroom and replacing a shower with a bathtub. Unfortunately, the overflow pipe and
: tailpiece of the new bathtub will be directly on top of a floor joist. In order to give clearance for the pipes
: and trap I'll need to remove a short portion of the joist, and then scab on another board behind the joist to
: reinforced it. In order to get access to the joist to reinforce it, I'll need to tear up some of the bedroom floor.
: This isn't something I want to do.

: But, I've heard there's a different type of assembly that can be used. This assembly has the cleanout
: accessible through the drain in the tub, and not through the overflow. It also places the trap more under
: the tub. This means I'd only need to notch the joist slightly and wouldn't need to reinforce and tear up
: the bedroom floor.

: Does anyone know if this different type of assembly really exists and where it might be purchased?

: Thanks much.

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