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Posted by dick on September 28, 19100 at 16:58:27:
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: I seem to have poor luck with the life of faucet washers in my shower. The normal life seems to be only 3 months. I have replaced the seats but to no good effect. What can I do to resolve this annoyance. ?
: Is it possible that water pressure is too high ?
: Any leads on a solution will be much appreciated.

If you replace the seats along with the washers they should last longer than 3 months. depending on usage maybe 6 months to a year. If you replace the brass seats with Monel seats, The seats will outlast a lot of washer changes (and the washers seem to last longer). I never had much luck changinging just the washer and keeping the old brass seat.
Monel seats used to be available at my local ace hardware for many popular faucets. But this was about 15 years ago!!! Thats when i got sick of changing washers and changed everything to washerless. Last year i moved into another house, and Ive changed everything but the showers with ceramic washerless. The showers were changed to a regular washerless.

I'f your going to stay in this house for a while, it's worth it to swap the faucet for a washerless.

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