Bathtub installation - floor joist in way of drain
Posted by Larry on September 28, 19100 at 14:31:09:
I'm remodeling a bathroom and replacing a shower with a bathtub. Unfortunately, the overflow pipe and
tailpiece of the new bathtub will be directly on top of a floor joist. In order to give clearance for the pipes
and trap I'll need to remove a short portion of the joist, and then scab on another board behind the joist to
reinforced it. In order to get access to the joist to reinforce it, I'll need to tear up some of the bedroom floor.
This isn't something I want to do.

But, I've heard there's a different type of assembly that can be used. This assembly has the cleanout
accessible through the drain in the tub, and not through the overflow. It also places the trap more under
the tub. This means I'd only need to notch the joist slightly and wouldn't need to reinforce and tear up
the bedroom floor.

Does anyone know if this different type of assembly really exists and where it might be purchased?

Thanks much.