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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on September 28, 19100 at 13:42:34:
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Marcn:Aside from the obvious danger of scalding,
super hot water is very expensive. If you have an average rated electric water heater..every time it cycles on to heat water, it is equivelent to having 45 one hundred watt light bulbs switched on.
It is possible for you to install the needed thermostat if you are mechanically enclined, have a fair knowledge of electron theory, a healty respect for the potential injury and or sudden death if something should go amiss in this repair. If you are confident that this is a chore that is within your scope of capabilities and you have adequate insurance coverage ...Go for it.
Lots of Luck...Bud

Our hot water is scalding hot...all the time, even after adjusting the temperature level to its lowest setting.
: Is it the thermostat??? and if so how would I change myself?
: Marc.

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