Quick John leaks sporadically when shower runs
Posted by Tanya on September 28, 19100 at 01:27:28:
HELP! We recently bought a house that has a Zoeller Quick John in the basement apartment. We are unfamiliar with this type of toilet. Today, our renter told us that when they stepped out of the shower, the toilet had leaked water across the 6" raised floor that it sits on, as well as out the bottom of the step down area 5 feet away. I pulled the access panel off behind the toilet and saw a 3' by 8' area with a wet floor. At this point, we figure that it must have leaked around the toilet flange. Where else can a Quick John leak? Also, why is it leaking during showers only? Apparently this also happened to a previous tenant with the last houseowner, (who also did the installation). If it is just a bad gasket, would an extender gasket work in the Quick John?
Thanks! Tanya

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