Water Hammer Arrestor
Posted by Jim on September 27, 19100 at 16:51:17:
Your web site lists advertises three types of water hammer arrestors as follows: "But now, Sioux Chief Mfg. has developed the Mini-Rester water hammer arrester specifically designed and priced for the residential market. Unlike air chambers that waterlog within a few weeks, the Mini-Rester is guaranteed to control water hammer for the life of the plumbing system just like its commercial sized counterpart, the Sioux Chief Hydra-Rester."

There follows three different products: 1. Laundry Mini's; 2. 1/2" MIP mini's, and 3. 1/2" sweat mini's.

What's the difference between the three? What does MIP mean? What does sweat mean? There are four water hammer arrestors shown. Which three relate to the ones for sale?

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