Basement Bathroom
Posted by Jim on September 27, 19100 at 16:04:23:
I am looking for advice....I want to add a bathroom in the basement, but I do not want to cut the floor. I was looking at the Qwik Jon system. Has anyone put one of these in and how does it work? I have a city Sewer connection that is approx 20 feet away from where I would like to put the room, Do I have to put the unit closer to the line? If the discharge and air vent pipes are PVC, how do you connect that to the sewer piping? and last but not least what is the air vent for? do I have to run it up to the roof, or can I vent it out just above ground level? I am handy with electrical, and construction of the room, but need some advice on the plumbing....Thanks!!

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