Re: 3/4", 1", why not 1-1/2" copper pipe
Posted by Terry Love on September 27, 19100 at 14:13:25:
In response to Re: 3/4", 1", why not 1-1/2" copper pipe
I would use 1-1/2" pipe for that, PVC would be fine.

I just replaced a 3/4" copper line that long to my mother's home. A huge improvement!
Now she can use more than one bathroom at a time "and" water the lawns. Terry

: bay: The additional expense over 3/4" copper pipe
: to 1" is not that big a financial deal. Pay the difference if the contractor wont...your the one that will be living there, and you'll smile every time you turn the water on.
: Bud...

: the water pressure at the city watermain is about 55 psi. the house is going to be offset back by 300 feet from the watermain. the builder has suggested 3/4" copper pipe, but I know there are going to be pressure losses due to the length of pipe (which will increase as the pipe ages). should I be worried, or would it be more advisable (i.e. more conservative) to suggest 1" or 1-1/4" copper so that pressure losses are smaller?

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