Re: Blackpipe repairs???
Posted by hj on September 27, 19100 at 08:54:43:
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You have two questions. How to repair it and how to do it cheaply. With black pipe used for water the answer to both is you probably cannot. I would assume that the pipe has deteriorated to the point that it is oversize due to adhered rust, or undersized due to the rust breaking off the surface, or the surface is badly pitted, so that a compression device will not fit. In any case a black pipe will normally have to be replaced for long term satisfaction.

: I have a blackpipe (service line) under my house that is badly corroded, I'm scared its going to burst.
: How can i replace the bad section ........cheaply.

: ????Cut it off.......then rethread it???
: or
: Is there a pvc adapter????
: or
: Is there a rubber coupling for service lines with pressure???

: help or ill check back here.......thanks. george

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