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Posted by Terry Love on September 26, 19100 at 19:31:17:
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u say "not" the waste stack for tying in the Re-vent..but there is no other vent except for the curb vent outside about 30 feet away..the roof vent is basically the top of the waste stack

As long as fixtures are dumping into the stack, it is considered a waste stack. At the point that they no longer do, it becomes a vent stack. TL

...i was figurin on a "y" to tie into the pitched horizontal soil line ..with a 2 inch fittin for the re-vent then back into the waste stack, but u say i must be higher then the highest fixture vent by to be safe 42 inches.

The vent can be low, until it reconnects with the other vents. At that point, it needs to be above the flood level.TL

.but as long as im within 6 feet of the horizontal soil line i should not need to re-vent.

A trap are on a 3" line can be up to six feet long. TL

.the waste stack is about 12 feet away...can i put a vent thru the wall?? 42 above the basement floor???with a shield on it?

Vents can go through walls. They should not terminate within 10 feet of an opening window, or less than three feet above an opening window, door or air intake. TL

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