Posted by Mark on September 26, 19100 at 18:53:34:
Hello again terry, just wanna say i spent hours on your site..i really love the info and ur gentlemanly way of responding.. I guess when i say Loop vent i meant re-vent u corrected :)and that is appreciated. Only thing im cloudy on u say not the waste stack for tying in the Re-vent..but there is no other vent except for the curb vent outside about 30 feet away..the roof vent is basically the top of the waste stack...i was figurin on a "y" to tie into the pitched horizontal soil line ..with a 2 inch fittin for the re-vent then back into the waste stack, but u say i must be higher then the highest fixture vent by to be safe 42 inches..but as long as im within 6 feet of the horizontal soil line i should not need to re-vent..the waste stack is about 12 feet away...can i put a vent thru the wall?? 42 above the basement floor???with a shield on it?

Im sorry for the long post...if ya cant take the time i understand :):)...awesome sight and thx for ALL the info..

Mark :)

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