Low spot in sewer line
Posted by Bob B. on September 26, 19100 at 11:23:16:

I'm new to this board. I have a low spot in my sewer line, near the house. We discovered this with the camera, after several back-ups thru the floor drain in the basement. The low spot is within 20 feet of the house. It appears that someone put a post that supports the deck directly on the sewer line. I am planning to dig up the line from the house to about 5-10 feet past the deck leg, or about 20-25 feet total and replace it with a 4" PVC pipe. Then I have to cut the deck leg off below ground level and build sort of a little "bridge" over the pipe to support the leg.

Anyway, my question, assuming all of the above is the right solution, is this: how do I make sure I get the right slope to the new pipe? Do I find the spot where the remainder of the pipe is correct (downstream from the low spot) and run a string from there to the house? And I was planning to fill under the new pipe with 1" stone (#57 septic stone). Is this correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, the pipe is cast iron. Another question: is there a special tool for cutting this pipe?



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