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Posted by mary on September 25, 19100 at 19:20:57:
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: A year ago my husband and I bought a house. It has one of those $24 stainless steal sinks in it. It is horrible. I just bought a new Americast sink to replace it with. We have not installed it and I am wondering if we should. All I am reading is how it marks up from pots and scratches. Should we install this or should I return it for the Cast Iron one. Can anyone give me pro's and con's of each and let me know what is better to do. Thank You!!!!

I had an Americast sink installed approx 2 years ago as replacement for an old white cast iron sink that had many chips in it. I really, really love the Americast. I am very careful with it, however. I only clean it with Bon Ami cleanser, which is gentle and does not scratch. I avoid putting aluminum pans direclty on the surface as they tend to marr it. I did get a little bitty chip mark, but after calling American Standard in N.J., they sent me a little patch kit (little sand paper, little white porcelain paint) and it did the trick. I wouldn't trade this sink for stainless steel or anything else. It has STYLE and CLASS!!

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