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Posted by Suzy on September 25, 19100 at 08:51:06:
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: We are wanting to put a bathroom in our basement. We have a lift station already because we previously had our washer and dryer there. We've talked to a plumber about breaking up the concrete and laying the lines, tying into the existing pump. Now my brother in law comes along and says we should skip the plumber and install a false floor and lay the lines under the floor. I am unsure about this, besides I don't want the bathroom to look "added on" or amateurish, I don't want to have to step up into the bathroom What does anyone here think? Thanks!
We have a basement bathroom and I love it. We had to replace the line going out to the septic tank, so we rented a jackhammer and broke the floor up. We were able then to put the toilet where we wanted and installed a tiled shower where the toilet used to sit. While we were at it we put a drain in the middle of the floor and re-routed the washing machine drain. We then poured new cement and finished the floor to drain to the center. Most basements are not deep enough anyway. A false floor would be raised at least 4" and I personally would feel like I was stepping into a hole to use the bathroom. So you see that breaking up the floor could offer you more possibilities than you might think. I would not do it differently if I had to do it again. Except maybe warn the neighbors that there was a jackhammer being used!!!

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