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Posted by Terry Love on September 23, 19100 at 21:50:27:
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: : A year ago my husband and I bought a house. It has one of those $24 stainless steal sinks in it. It is horrible. I just bought a new Americast sink to replace it with. We have not installed it and I am wondering if we should. All I am reading is how it marks up from pots and scratches. Should we install this or should I return it for the Cast Iron one. Can anyone give me pro's and con's of each and let me know what is better to do. Thank You!!!!

: Sorry to wait so long on this, I was waiting to see if anyone posted on this. Doesn't look to be a burning concern to most of the plumbers on this list. I have been installing the Americast sinks for people. They seem to like them.
: Terry

What I mean by burning concern, is: If everyone hated these things, they would have let fly on it. I think so at least.

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