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Posted by Terry Love on September 23, 19100 at 21:27:25:
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: Terry..if in the case of installing a basement toilet, i am too far from the horizontal soil line to tap into, do i need to run a loop vent?? and i assume the loop vent can be run into the main vertical vent..correct? i am about 5-6 feet from the soil line running out of my basement ..what would be the best way to install if not using a loop vent for proper flushing and to protect against siphoning?
: Thx again terry awesome site :)
: Mark

I'm not sure what you mean be a "loop" vent, but will assume you meant "re-vent".
A toilet needs a 2" vent taken off within six feet of the floor flange. This vent, can be reconnected to another vent, at 6" above the flood level of attached fixture vents. That's pretty clear isn't it? Let's see what that means. In most cases, the flood level of the toilet is 15", the tub 15", the lav between 30" and 36", kitchen sinks, 36". So to be safe, most plumbers revent at 42" from the floor.

If you are not connecting the vent back to the vent stack (not waste), you may want to look into a air emitter valve, that will break up the siphon affect. Studor makes one. Studor.Com


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