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I went through the same exact problem a few years ago. Our area isn't served by natural gas and propane bills were killing us. We ran the numbers and ended up converting our home heating system to fuel oil. We purchased 4 direct vent heaters and ripped out the lennox pulse furnace. It was the best 5 grand we ever spent. We went with Toyotomi and monitor brand heaters. since each one is a separate unit, we can adjust the heat in each area of the house as we see fit. We live in Alaska, and heating is critical to our survival. With separate units, we also have redundancy that you just don't get with a standard furnace of any type.

Here's how the numbers work out for YOUR home using the fuel and electricity prices in MY area.

You used 2800 Gallons propane. My cost @ $1.92 per gallon is $5376

Propane contains about 93000 BTU per gallon. You consumed approx 260,400,000 BTU's last year. Your propane appliances are probably about 85% efficient. This means that your household BTU load is about 260,400,000*.85= 221,340,000 BTU

Electricity contains approx 3140 BTU per Kilowatt hour (KWH) Electric appliances are 100% efficient at converting KWH to BTU. Your KWH load would then be 221,340,000/3140= 70,490 KWH. In my area electricity sells for about $0.10 per KWH. your yearly electric bill would then be $7,049

#1 fuel oil contains about 123,000 BTU per gallon. Fuel oil appliances are about 85% efficient. This means that you would probably get about 123,000*.85= 104,550 BTU's out of each gallon. We already know that your yearly BTU load is 221,340,000. This would mean that you would burn approx 221,340,000/104,550 = 2117 gallons of heating oil per year. #1 oil in MY area costs $1.40. Your fuel oil bill would be about 2117*1.40 = $2963

you can plug in the commodity prices for your area, and figure the numbers for yourself. In MY area fuel oil is by far the cheapest source of heat.


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