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Posted by Hubert Lim on September 22, 19100 at 04:44:20:
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Acutally, we tested the product and after flushing solid waste.
The solid waste goes thru the pipe about 7 meters
that means that the solid waste goes down thru the
pipe efficiently and one more concern of mine is that the
pipe is interconnected with the lavatory pipe which
means that after people use the lavatory more
water are introduced to the pipe line which eventually
would help push the solid waste going to the septic tank.
I would apprciate it if you could recommend a testing
center for sanitarywares. Thanks Bud.
: Hubert Lim: I cannot of course comment on the efficacy of the 1gpf toilet that you mention. I do have some minor reservations about what happens after the solids are evacuated from the bowl with such a reduced volume of water.
: Sanitary waste collection systems rely on the water to not only adequately flush the bowl, but also provide a means to carry the solids through the maze of drainage piping beneath the floor.
: With such a small amount of water to convey the waste through the underground piping to the municipal sewer tap, there is an inherant probability of stoppages in those drainage lines.
: Water borne waste systems require a sufficient flow of water to achieve that purpose. I would be interested in any follow-up studies or additional information on this new low flush toilet.
: Bud...

: I recently bought a water closet that only uses 1 gallon per flush. I would like to solicite your
: : comments regarding this new type of water closet that is on sale right now in the Philippine market.
: : People here are hesitant to buy this product becuase they say that it won't flush out all the waste that
: : a human being produces. I am using it right now and I'm satisfied with the product.
: : Please give your comments about this product. Thank you.

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