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Posted by Terry Love on September 22, 19100 at 02:16:14:
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: Loved you site, and loved your sense of humour. Sure wish all tradesman who do what you do, were so gifted. Had quite a chuckle out of your tour of the Gates compound bathrooms. The only thing missing was.........Did you keep the change of clothes you were given? and were yours returned dry and ironed. Come on fess up, I love a good ending to a good story!

The rest of the story:
Well, I enjoyed wearing his clothes after that around town, and got a few head turns and long looks when I did. I felt a bit guilty about it, but figured that with as many clothes as he had in the closet, he wouldn't miss what I was wearing. My wife thought the sweater went well with my eyes. That was good enough for me.

The funny thing though, later I heard people saying that they saw Bill eating at Dick's Drivin-In, (a local hamburger and fries joint) wearing a Love Plumbing & Remodel shirt! Hey! I don't feel so bad after all. And if he wants to drum up a bit of business for me while he's at it, that would be fine too.

The bad thing? Now my wife wants a closet like theirs. I think I will just turn the downstairs into a big master closet, with a bed in the corner. Me? I'm wanting the voice activated windows with the "live" broadband Internet feeds. When it's cold outside, I want to see people on the beach as I pull on my long pants with the wooly underthings. At least for that little bit of time in the morning, I can forget the rain I will be working in later.

But wait, if you tell anyone this, I will deny all of it. I'm sure Bill will too.

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