Sewer line blockages
Posted by Mark Di Lucido on September 21, 19100 at 11:46:22:
Our sewer backs up every 3 months or so. The plumber is always able to clear the blockage upstream from the septic tank near where the line exits the house so the septic system apparently is not the problem. He has further determined that the "clean-out" is a jerry--rigged affair because the riser portion is one piece of vertical pipe 90 degrees from the horizontal (no "y" configuration) which makes it very hard to turn his snake upstream. The location of this "clean-out" is adjacent to the exterior wall of the house just before the sewer line runs under the house on its way to our septic tank (a previous owner had built a room addition over the route of the sewer line). Where the riser connects to the horizontal pipe, the bottom of the horizontal pipe is broken through apparently from
previous owners having the line repeatedly snaked. We have 2 large mesquite treesgrowing near the line which have very invasive roots although the plumber speculates that because of our extremely rocky and calichified soil, the tree roots probably haven't invaded the line (a video inspection proved inconclusive). We intend to have a proper clean-out installed so future obstrutions can be cleared easily. As part of the new clean-out installation the plumber will determine if our line is orangeburg or otherwise.
If it's orangeburg, we'll probably replace the entire line with new ABS to prevent future root problems. If not orangeburg, we'll just have the new clean-out installed. My questions are: If we keep the existing line in place do we need to fix it where it is broken at the jerry--rigged "clean-out" (it doesn't seem to have caused us any problems--possibly because of our rocky soil); and, if we replace the line completely
do we need any additional measures such as rock salt backfill to prevent root incursion? Thanks for your help.

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