Symmons Temptrol Shower Valve Leak
Posted by Rod Warnick on September 20, 19100 at 16:12:30:
Have a leak in my Symmons Temptrol Shower valve. Took me some time to find the leak, but it is leaking directly from the diverter slot, from the inside where the sleeve attaches to the diverter handle which switces the water from the tub faucet to the shower head. Called local plumbing store and they gave me new valve which is suppose to fit in behind where the diverter sleeve and handle goes. Their parts guy said all I had to do was jam a screwdriver into the diverter sleeve hole, twist and pull out old valve and put in new valve. The part which they gave me is TA - 25A (valve) and S-23B (brass sleeve item). I am afraid to go jamming a screwdriver into this slot and pull it out.....Furthermore, there is no way this new valve could ever fit into this opening. do I install it....or do I have the wrong part? Do I have to take the whole valve assembly apart above this sleeve (where the handle for hot and cold water is controlled) and then slide this down into the diverter sleeve. Hot and cold water works fine and it does not leak when tub water is running only. Only leaks and leaks bad when the shower is selected and leaks even more when it is set to hot water position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Should I just call the plumber to fix it??

Thanks for your time....please reply to my EMAIL address.....

Frustrated in Deerfield,

Rod Warnick

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