LOOOOOOOOOW water pressure
Posted by Jane on September 20, 19100 at 15:11:07:
We recently bought a house built in 1928 and had a contractor redo the downstairs guest bathroom. We chose a pedestal sink and a two handle, single faucet setup. The plumber complained loudly about pedestal sinks and how he hates to install them, then proceeded to attach the righthand handle so that it turns on the wrong way. That was odd but I got over it. The real problem is that I can't get more than a trickle of cold water, ever. The hot is fine. The bathroom is adjacent to the kithch where the pressure is also fine. I've read all the water pressure questions on this site and they have all advised checking the faucet for gunk but that can't be our problen since the hot and cold use the same faucet. The plumbing in the basement is all visible (unfortunately) and I can't find any shut-off that are shut-off on the cold water pipe leading to the bathroom. The valve in the back of the sink is wide open as well. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jane

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