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Posted by Nick on September 20, 19100 at 11:38:57:
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: : I have a home that is 1 1/2 years old with a outdoor sillcock in the garage. There is an anti-siphon device on it that leaks especially after the hose is turned off and the water is released from the hose.
: : The handle is a large dark grey handle and there is a plastic dark grey cap on top that reads Mansfield, Perryville, Ohio anti-siphon.
: : Does the entire sillcock need to be replaced or can it be repaired?

: Anti-siphon sillcocks are SUPPOSED to leak when pressure is turned off (and released, like when you open a nozzle on the hose). Anti-Siphon attatchments (the cylinder on the tap) are designed to prevent water from the hose from backing into the water supply, so that's why it drains out all the water from the sillcock. Now, if it leaks CONSTANTLY when water is ON and/or after the initial drainage when tap is turned off, you may wish to replace the anti-siphon devise ONLY!!! it just screws onto the tap like a regular hose, you DO NOT need to replace the whole sillcock.

Not entirely correct. Some anti-siphon Freezeless Hydrants will drain when the water is turned off, Prier Model C-434 or the Woodford 25 are 2 types that will drain after the water is turned off. The Mansfield 578 series is not suppost to leak after the water is turned off, similar design to the Prier C-144 or the Woodford 17.

As Dean correctly points out, the vacuum breaker assembly on the Mansfield Hydrant can be replaced. Contact your plumber or plumbing wholesaler for the part.

Good luck.


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