Re: temperature fluctuations shower
Posted by Akmed on September 19, 19100 at 21:20:15:
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d r: apparently there is in fact an unknown visitor in your home. One that waits for you to get into the shower before starting his/her mischief.
I have heard tales that involved poltergiests or sinister manifestations of those who have died but were not able to go to there final repose for one reason or another.
There may be another less spooky explanation of the water temperature fluctuations that you are experienceing. There has been national plague of diptube failures in water heaters across the country. Get the model and seriel number from the lable on the heater and call the manufacturers rep in your area. It might just be that it is this deteriorating dip tube that is giving you the shivers in the shower.
If this fails to correct your problem, I can arrange for an exorcism for a very modest fee.
Good Luck...Akmed

Water temp fluctucates in shower, there is no other water on in the house at the time of the shower. Causes? Solutions?

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