Basement bath exhaust fan
Posted by Doug on September 19, 19100 at 09:53:33:
Im finishing my basement including a bath. I need to install an exhaust fan, per code, but am having trouble deciding where to vent. The basement wall that the bath is adjacent to is the front of the house, and I dont want to penetrate the front wall of the house for the vent.

If I run the exhaust to the side of the house, I would have to drop below the first floor wood joists, so as not to have to cut into about 8 joists getting across them.

I potentially have room to mount a fan near the top of a wall, but not actually on a ceiling. Are there any problems having the exhaust fan on the wall, and not the ceiling? Also, what is the maximum length of vent pipe recommended from the fan to the outside point?

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