Trianco Water Heater constant leak
Posted by Laurie on September 18, 19100 at 19:20:48:
I need some serious advice and help how to handle a problem with a "just" 6 year old heatmaker that is leaking. We (plumber) have done everything he possible can and have come to the conclusion that it is the domestic coil. Problem is, is the company can't even give me a call back as to how to handle the pro-rate etc. I mean, the water heater is only 6 years old. Any ideas who I might be able to call to get some help from anyone? I hate to make it legal but at this point it seems like the only way to go. Apparently Trianco was bought out by teledyne-lars and I am sure they also absorbed some headaches too but handling customer service like this can't be good for anyones company.

Thanks for your help.


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