Leak in residential well system?
Posted by Phil on September 18, 19100 at 10:45:29:
I bought an 18-year-old house a little over a year ago. Water pressure and quality have not been a problem. Recently, however, I noticed a very slow, but steady stream of water coming from a buried drain pipe. The pipe is located on the side of the house opposite the well, and is at a lower elevation. The pipe has always been dry in the past. When I turn the pump off at the circuit breaker, the stream of water stops in a few minutes. I have looked for obvious signs of leaks at ground level, around the foundation, and at the well head--but everything is dry. Water pressure is good, but the pressure switch/pump now kick on frequently. Pressure builds back up to 50 pounds, but drops steadily again to 30 pounds--where the cycle starts again. I've tried turning off water to the house at the valve just past the pressure tank and switch, but the draining continues--so it seems to be something between the pressure tank and the well. I don't have any technical information on the pump, but it's a submersible with a pressure tank located under the stairwell in the house. Pressure in the tank is 32 pounds, but the tank seems "light" when I tip it slightly--like it's not filling up with water. Can someone tell me if this sounds familiar? Do wells have some sort of vent pipe to carry off excess water if the system is not operating correctly? Thanks for your help.

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