pulsating water pressure
Posted by Steve Crossman on September 18, 19100 at 09:19:01:
We had a tree root short out our well pump (1/2 hp) AC wires near the well cap casing. Caused no water as pump wasn't getting AC. Repaired the wires and got water back, but now notice that the pressure tank (20 gal) relay is kicking on and off too frequently as water is used.

Flush a toilet or run the shower, the relay kicks on, pressure goes up to 40 lbs, relay kicks off, pressure drops to 20, relay kicks on, etc. at about a 2 second cycle rate. Click, 2 secs, click, 2 secs, click.

It's as if when pressure hits correct amount and relay kicks off, that a one way valve somewhere isn't holding the pressure, and the pressure in the tank is pushed back towards the well.

Do pressure tanks have any one way valves or diaphragms in them? If not, any other ideas on the cause.

Greatly appreciate any info prior to calling in the plumbers.

Steve Crossman

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