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: What kind of flooring was used a Turn of the 19th Century farmhouse? We are in the process of remodeling and we want to restore the house to it's original state. If you can help me with this I would appreciate it. Thanks

The best way to determine what kind of flooring that was used in THAT house (the one you want to restore) is to discover a piece of existing floor or subfloor and go to a flooring contractor or cabinet shop and ask what it is. Early farmhouses were usually floored with the predominant tree lumber on the site. But when walnut and hardwoods were predominant and desired by other builders (and therefore sold for a great price) then farmhouse floors were floored with softer woods. Early farmhouses were floored in a lesser than wonderful wood as a sacrifice to get the land cleared of trees to provide area to farm. Even pine wood was used in planks ranging in width and length, depending upon what the builder could afford, or could mill himself on site. The farmhouse is of a large size and looks very well crafted? Likely then that the floor was oak or hicory or local to the area hardwood. Check the neighbors houses to see if you can tell what they are floored in.

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