low-profile toilets
Posted by Dave Gallagher on September 17, 19100 at 21:02:47:

Really enjoyed your report on low flow toilets. However, my wife wants a banjo arm over the toilet so that she can have more area for plants, flowers, soaps, towels, etc. Our contractor starts in about two weeks. We were thinking about the Kohler Rialto, but your comment about water depth and surface area quickly changed our minds. The Kohler Rosario (25" 1/2 tall) and the Toto Supreme unit (23" 1/2 tall) and will both fit under the banjo arm and hopefully leave enough room to work on them should something go wrong. We are leaning toward the Toto because it is shorter and because the UltraMax was so highly rated. Would you concur or should we consider another toilet?

Many thanks for your advice.

Dave & Carolyn

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