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Posted by Akmed on September 17, 19100 at 17:29:34:
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Missy Ruth: Is best that you secure a tool needed to losen and remove the PO (drain) from the shoe of the waste and overflow of the existing tub.
Undo the two screws that hold the toggle that opens and closes the drain and pull up and out the lever, linkage and stopper from the waste and overflow.
At this point you can make the decision to cut this puppy out with a sawzall if its a steel tub, or a sledge hammer if it is a cast iron tub.
If you want to do it the quieter way..remove five courses of tile around the tub, (starting at tub level of course) then starting at the back side of the tub wiggle that rascal up and out of place it has been all those years. You may need to remove the tub spout and trim in order to do this, other wise it's a piece of cake.
Lots of luck ...Akmed

I would like to know how to remove my bath tub to make
: a shower? Tub is from 1965. How much tile has to be removed to get to the fixtures? Is the drain pipe screwed into the drain? We would like to do as much as
: possible before calling the plumber. Please answer
: A.S.A.P.

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