Sewer line repair - How would you proceed?
Posted by Jay on September 15, 19100 at 14:16:20:

A plbg contractor is called out to a Condominum property and asked to fix a ruptured water main.
The excavator accidentally ruptures an adjacent sewer line as he digs for the water line. The plumber
is then required to fix the sewer line as well. It is December 24th and the weather is wet, cold, muddy and
miserable. What would a reasonable plumbing contractor do to ensure things are going to be fine. Please outline
step by step. (Even the trivial steps are important here). As a note, the line was 50' long between the sewr main
and the condo bldg.

I need to compare your procedure with what was actually done. The condo suffered a large scale sewer back up shortly after
the plumber left the site. We need to know if the plumber took reasonable steps with the repair work or if he overlooked
something that may have lead to this back up a short time later.



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