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Posted by dick on September 15, 19100 at 10:55:32:
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: I would like to know what causes water pipe hammering and how I would go about correcting it?

We need a little more info to correct the problem.
1. is this a new problem? Was everything ok for a period of time and then hammering started?
Was any plumbing work done in or near your house around the time this started?
2. is this a new house?
3. do you get hammering when you shut off just one or two faucets/appliances? or does it happen with most of the faucets/appliances?
4. is the hammering severe? (ie sounds like hulk hogan with a sledge hammer) or just an annoying little banging (Pee Wee Herman with a tack hammer).
5. What is your water pressure?

some hammering can be cured by something as simple as changing a faucet washer or restricting the flow to an appliance just a little. sometimes it requires installation of multiple hammer arrestors or a pressure reducer.

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