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Posted by More on September 14, 19100 at 23:43:35:
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: I live on Lake Huron and on very windy days I get strong sewer gas from upper and lower bathroom toilets and also in basement . The toilets are less than 5 yrs. old , installed by myself with new wax rings & securley bolted to flanges and things have been fine till this year . I caulked around the bottom of the toilets and it helped about 60% . The cast iron soil stack extends through roof 6in. and also emits strong smell from septic on windy days . Would extending stack help or maybee a shield of sort ? Thanks Greg

You might try a wind powered turbine like the ones used to vent heat from an attic , to mount on the cast iron soil stack to see if that will help dissipate the odors. Or you might try washing a box of baking soda down the sink once a month. Baking soda is a good odor absorber.

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